Alternative Therapies - Laser Therapy

Alternative Therapies - Laser Therapy

Alternatives therapies have been used for centuries such as acupuncture, herbal remedies (some of which became the drugs of today), body manipulation such as chiropactors and physiotherapists now do.  Laser therapy is relatively new in comparison having only been developed in the last 2-3 decades.

Alternative therapies at Manzini Animal Hospital primarily revolve around laser therapy.  Our therapeutic laser has been available since June 2013.  Over the last year we have seen a multitude of cases benefit from laser therapy such as: back disease, osteoarthritis, wounds, ear infections, anal gland problems and many acute cases of pain or swelling.

Laser therapy utilizes photons of energy to penetrate through the layers of the body and stimulate several reactions.  Most of those reactions are chemical in action, but some are also cellular. The main benefits of laser being reduction in pain and inflammation; much quicker and enhanced healing ability; and overall patient quality of life in chronic disease conditions such as arthritis.

Laser therapy is a fascinating field and still in it’s infancy, we know that it has helped greater than 90% of the patients we have used it on, but we are hopeful that in the future it will be a primary treatment without the use of drugs.  For now, laser therapy is another option for clients and their pets to aid in healing and pain reduction.  Ask our staff about laser therapy as many of them have used it and seen its successes on their own pets.



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