Dentistry by Manzini Animal Hospital

We do profession dental work such as cleanings, as well as more complicated dental surgery such as extractions and gingival (gum) flaps.

A dental examination is recommended with a veterinarian before any procedure to assess the level of dental disease and physical health before booking any dental procedures.  You can also book an appointment with one of our technician's at no charge to assess the teeth.  The technicians and veterinarians can then give you a treatment plan for your pet`s dental work.

At Manzini, we pride ourselves on optimal pain control. All dental surgery animals receive pain medications before and after surgery, as well as anesthetic blocks, which last 8-12 hours and a therapeutic laser session.

Digital dental radiographs are one of the most important tools we have at our disposal because we can actively see under the gum line and through the bone. It is not uncommon to see an animal's mouth which may look like it only require's a cleaning, but with radiographs we are able to reveal tooth root abscesses and tooth root damage which allows us to diagnose early dental disease and extract the teeth before causing permanent damage to the jaw.


Many owners do not realize how important dental health can be to the overall health and lifespan of their pets. Plaque is essentially made up of bacteria and slime. Every time your pet chews, that bacteria is showered into the bloodstream. Tartar forms from a combination of plaque and calcium, the tartar pushes on the gingiva creating gingivitis and bone recession and ultimately surgical extraction of the affected teeth is required.  

Some breeds are more prone to dental disease than others. Smaller breeds are especially predisposed and are guaranteed to require dental cleanings in their lifetimes. Maintaining oral health with diet, supplements and treats as well as professional yearly cleanings are an investment in your pet's health and will prevent long and expensive dental procedures involving multiple surgical extractions. 

See our online forms for step by step instruction of how we proceed with profession dental procedures.



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