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Medical Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostics at Manzini Animal Hospital

The in-house digital radiology equipment at Manzini Animal Hospital enables our veterinarians to take and process x-rays on site, thereby allowing us to diagnose any malformations or physical injuries that may be affecting your pet. We can then quickly determine the appropriate course of action, whether it is medical, surgical or both. This process ensures that an injured pet is treated promptly and on the road to a speedy recovery.  We can also refer radiographs to a specialist where it can be further interpreted and we receive results within 2 hours to 1 day

In-house blood machines (hematology, serum chemistry, clotting factors, electrolytes, blood gases) and snap tests aid our veterinarians in instantly diagnosing conditions, such as severe anemias, parvovirus, feline leukemia virus, liver and kidney failure that are time dependent. The 24-30 hours it takes to get blood results back from a diagnostic laboratory can mean success or failure of treatment.

Here at Manzini, we have a strong relationship with Sono-Vu Ultrasound. When an animal is in need of an ultrasound, we can book within 24-48 hours and often sooner under emergency situations. Sono-Vu's ultrasonographer is very experienced and has been practicing her art for many years. She performs the ultrasound in our clinic then sends the images to a board certified radiologist for interpretation. This allows us to perform diagnostic imaging in-house that would otherwise require a trip to Victoria or Vancouver.

We now have access to a machine that allows us to measure the pressures in your pets eyes without trauma and without the use of local anesthetic (Tonovet). We have tested this machine on many animals who are usually aggitated by going near their eyes and they have sat peacefully. This machine is so gentle and state of the art that human opthomologists have been switching to its use.

We have also been able to engage a travelling veterinarian who performs endoscopic procedures of the intestine, esophagus, stomach, trachea, lungs and nasal cavities. These areas are often difficult to visualize and identify disease accurately.  He has successfully removed many foreign bodies, collected biopsies and visually identified abnormal disease processes.



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