Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations from Manzini Animal Hospital

Of all the services we offer our clients, we believe this is the most important. A thorough examination allows us to pinpoint diseases before they develop. Palpation of your pet from head to toe gives us the opportunity to locate not only unwanted guests (fleas, lice, ticks) but allows us to feel internal organs that may be abnormally enlarged, or other serious abnormalities. For example, many times in the past during an annual exam, a heart condition or mass was detected that would otherwise go unnoticed, and early intervention prolonged the pet's life. It is the perfect opportunity for us to help you with issues your dog may be having. For example, we can determine if your pet is overweight or even better trending towards becoming overweight and help you learn ways to control the issue before problems develop.  We hear all the time that pets haven't been to the vet in years because they are healthy.  We understand that you know your pet best, but our veterinarians are trained to detect the early clinical signs of disease therefore diagnose medical problems before you recognize the signs when it might already be too late.  

 Naturally we do recommend having blood work processed yearly, similar to what your own doctor recommends, as this also provides us with valuable information that can only be retrieved through in-depth analysis.  Other diagnostics such as urine, radiographs and ultrasound are used to screen for disease as well.  If you are interested in knowing more about this please contact us at 250 724 4444 or look to our resources page for reliable websites you can use to research preventative health for your pet.



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