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Surgery At Manzini Animal Hospital

Surgery is often a daunting prospective for most pet owners and people alike.  At Manzini Animal Hospital we can reduce almost any and all of these risks in several  ways; prevention, protection, and control.  We prevent anesthetic complications by ensuring as much as we can that the pet in question is healthy.  Owners may feel their pet is healthy, when they are in fact actually not.   A full comprehensive exam prior to sedation is performed on every pet.  You also have an option to choose to make it even safer for your pet by running some blood work.  For example complete blood count, kidney, liver enzymes, electrolytes, minerals and clotting factors.  Just ask any of our staff about these tests.

We can protect them further during anesthetic with intravenous fluids, state of the art monitoring equipment and technicians and technologists trained in anesthetic monitoring.  Special warmers are used to keep your pet warm.  We utilize individualized anesthetics depending on your pet’s needs.

Thirdly, we can control the degree, depth and type of anesthetic used.  We control pain with multiple and varied methods: from local anesthetics, to anti-inflammatories, to opioids, as well as laser therapy.

You can see there are many ways to arrest your fears and make anesthetics safer.  Now you might be saying why surgery with all these risks, but with precautions there are many reasons very good reasons for surgery.  Dental surgeries are necessary and their benefits outweigh the risks.  Spays and neuters protect our pets from cancers, infections, and injuries.  Lump removals protect our pets from the spread of potentially cancerous masses. These are only a few examples.

We also offer more complex surgeries such as bladder, stomach, intestinal, and orthopedic (cranial cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation repair, femoral head ostectomy).



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