Alix Jorgensen

Veterinary Assistant
When I was making frequent trips to the clinic with my late dog, Shay, I was inspired to enter the veterinary field by the vet who took amazing care of her during her last few years of life. After Shay passed away, I applied to the animal care aide certificate program at North Island College in Comox, BC and completed the course in April of 2017. I joined Manzini in January of 2018 and I've enjoyed being part of the team ever since.

My favourite area of interest is animal dentistry and I love learning new things every day. I have two dogs, Holly and Ava, and my newest additions are a kitten named Tiki and various fish. A fun fact about me is that I love cows!


How to Pill Your Cat

Below is a video about how to pill your cat. We usually follow up a pill with water so the pill does not get stuck or our favorite is putting the pill in a small treat to begin with so the experience is not so bad for the cat or you.

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