How to Pill Your Cat

Below is a video about how to pill your cat. We usually follow up a pill with water so the pill does not get stuck or our favorite is putting the pill in a small treat to begin with so the experience is not so bad for the cat or you.

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Why is Veterinary Medicine So Expensive?

Many pet parents today are concerned about the rising cost of veterinary care. It used to be that animal companions were “cheap to keep,” but for folks committed to providing an excellent quality of life for their pets, that’s no longer the case. There are many reasons for increases in veterinary fees.

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Fear-Free: Make the Best Out of Your Visit!

As a veterinary profession there is growing concern about providing a visit that is as comfortable and as fearless as we can make it. Although the physical aspects of care will always be at the forefront, the emotional well-being of animals is now recognized as an important contributor to good health.

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Are you cleaning your dog’s ears properly? This helpful video shows you how to thoroughly and safely clean your pup’s ears.

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