Arthritis refers to chronic joint pain and stiffness that significantly affects your pet’s life. The most common type of arthritis seen in pets is osteoarthritis. If your loyal companion has arthritis it doesn’t mean that their quality of life cannot be improved. At Manzini Animal Hospital, we regularly treat patients suffering from the disease. Our team is here to help you give your furry friend the best life possible despite their condition.

How does my pet develop arthritis?

Pets with joint injuries, inflammatory diseases, and those who are older are more likely to develop arthritis. The joints in your pets have a layer of cartilage between them, over time the cartilage begins to wear out. This makes the joints rub against each other and causes pain for your pet.

How can I tell that my pet may have arthritis?

Your pets may naturally try to hide their pain and so you should pay attention to their behaviours. A pet suffering from arthritis may:

  • Walk more slowly or limp
  • Sit or stand more cautiously
  • Be less playful or mobile
  • Have difficulty going up and down the stairs
  • Vocalize in response to pain
  • Lick, chew or bite themselvesIf you notice any of these symptoms contact your veterinarian to have your pet assessed immediately. To schedule an appointment for your pet simply call 250.724.4444.

    What treatments are available for my pet if they have arthritis?

    The form of treatment used to treat arthritis in your pet is dependent on their lifestyle, the severity of the disease and any underlying conditions they may have. Our veterinarians may recommend supplements, anti-inflammatory medication, laser therapy and much more. To further help with the treatment we may recommend a change in diet along with low-impact exercises to keep pets at a healthy weight, which minimizes the strain on their joints.


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