If your furry pal has ever broken loose from their leash or escaped through an open gate you know the horrifying feeling that takes over. Sure ID tags can bring your pets home, but microchips provide extra peace of mind. We recommend microchipping as it is a one-time procedure that can exponentially increase your chances of being reunited with your lost pet.

What is microchipping in pets?

Microchips are small computer chips that have a barcode that is registered to a database. The chip is the size of a rice grain and is usually inserted under the skin between the shoulder and the neck. Once a microchip is implanted a special scanner reads the chip and transmits the pet’s ID number. The ID number is linked to the customer’s contact information in the database.

Why is it a good idea to microchip my pet?

Microchips perform the same duties as ID tags, but they are more reliable. Once a microchip is implanted it doesn’t need a replacement as it is not battery operated. ID tags overtime will need replacements either from being lost or damaged. If your pet’s ID tag gets lost they may end up in a shelter and be adopted. With a microchip the owner controls the information they upload to the database and they can always update their information without bothering their furry friend. If you’re considering a microchip for your pet, call us at 250.724.4444 to learn more.

Will my pet experience pain during microchipping?

Not necessarily. The needle used to implant the microchip causes little to no pain and it’s over within a minute. In fact, the pain that your pet feels is comparable to them getting a vaccine. If your pet has fear of needles we can easily insert the chip during other procedures such as spaying or neutering when they are under anesthesia.


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