Nutrition Counselling

Each year, it is important that your pet comes in for a nutritional checkup. You want to make sure your furry pal is getting all the nutrients their body needs at each stage of their life. With all the various foods you can purchase for your pet, it can be confusing to choose. It certainly helps to get a professional opinion on the matter. At Manzini Animal Hospital, our nutritionists can tell you what’s best for your pet after examining them.

What happens during nutrition counselling?

Nutrition counselling is a checkup that examines your pet’s diet, particularly the nourishment they get from the foods they eat. During a nutrition checkup our veterinarians determine what foods are right for your cherished pet. Our team will ask questions like how often does your pet eat, is there an increase or decrease in appetite, are they drinking enough water, etc. If we suspect that your pet would benefit from dietary changes because of their age, weight or breed, we may recommend supplements, special foods to include in their diet or foods to remove or reduce.

Why is nutrition counselling important?

Nutrition counselling is important as it helps our clients provide better care to their furry friends.

1. A nutritional checkup will help you create a feeding schedule and figure out how much food your pet should be consuming. This means our clients won’t overfeed or underfeed their pets. The expert advice you receive from our team can allow you to avoid these common errors.
2. You can extend your pet’s life. An underfed or overfed pet may have a shorter lifespan as they may develop health problems. Obesity, diabetes, malnourishment and muscular problems are all illnesses that pets may develop from improper nutrition.
3. Nutrition counselling keeps our clients on the same page as our veterinarians about their pet’s development. A nutritional checkup gives our team the opportunity to keep track of your pet’s new growth.

Does my puppy/kitten or senior pet need special food?

Yes! Puppies or kittens need special foods to help with their development. There is a huge selection of kitten/ puppy foods to choose from, just ask our veterinarians for their recommendation. As senior pets get older they require more nutrients from the foods they eat to keep their bodies strong and to help them fight illnesses. To learn more about the foods you should feed your kitten, puppy or senior pet, please call 250.724.4444.

What foods should I avoid feeding my pet?

Sometimes your pet may eat food from your plate, which is why it’s very important to know which foods are not good for them. Table scraps can lead to weight gain and health issues in your pet. If there are new foods you would like to introduce to your pet’s diet, speak to your veterinarian first during their nutrition checkup. Some foods you should avoid feeding your pet are:

  • Milk or dairy products
  • Chocolate
  • Onions and garlic
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Alcohol
  • Salt


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