Spay and Neutering

By having your pet spayed or neutered, you protect them from unplanned pregnancies and undesired behaviours. Both spaying and neutering are routine surgeries that we regularly perform at our hospital. During surgery, the safety of your furry friend is always paramount. We closely monitor their vital signs and administer anesthetic medication through an IV. If you’re nervous about your pet’s upcoming spay or neuter surgery, reach out to us at 250.724.4444

What is spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering are operations that prevent your pets from reproducing. Neutering is performed on male pets and removes their testicles. Spaying is done on female pets and removes their reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus).

Why should I consider spay or neuter surgery for my pet?

The most known benefit of spay and neuter surgery is preventing unwanted litters. There are other reasons why you may want to consider spaying or neutering your pet:

  1. By preventing unwanted pregnancies, you reduce the stray population of cats and dogs. This means that fewer animals will end up in shelters where they may be put down after some time.
  2. Spay and neuter surgery makes your pet less likely to develop cancers or infections. Females who are spayed are unlikely to develop mammary tumours, ovarian or uterine cancer and infections. Male pets are also protected from developing prostate cancer.
  3. It lessens the development of behavioural problems in male pets. Males who aren’t neutered are more aggressive, urinate more to mark territory, and roam or wander to procreate. By ending the heat cycle these behaviours lessen.
  4. Other procedures can be performed simultaneously. This saves our clients from having multiple vet appointments. The procedures that we may perform during spay and neutering are: dental cleanings, microchipping and much more.

When should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

To prevent unwanted pregnancies and behavioural issues, pets should have surgery before their first heat cycle. This means that generally pets are recommended for spay and neuter before they are 6-months-old.

Can my older pet have spay and neuter surgery?

Yes! Older pets can certainly benefit from being spayed or neutered. Pets 7 years and older can have spay or neuter surgery. To ensure their safety our team will run tests to see if they are healthy enough to endure surgery and go on to recovery.


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