Veterinary Referrals

At Manzini Animal Hospital, we are happy to care for new patients referred to us by other veterinarians in the community. We value your trust and we work extremely hard to give the utmost care to your furry friend. Our referral program uses clear communication between veterinarians as we are all working together with the main goal of prioritizing the health and safety of your pet. We encourage you to call us at 250.724.4444 if you have any concerns or questions about your pet’s upcoming appointment with us.

What should I take with me to my pet’s consultation?

To make the process easier for you, your primary veterinarian will forward all the required medical documents over to our practice. If anything else is required you will be informed. This means that owners only need to show up with their loyal companions.

What can I expect during my visit to your hospital?

We take care of all our referred patients the same way we care for our other patients. One of our veterinarians will do a consultation with your pet and we will provide advice, prescribe medications and perform treatments that your pet needs. Then our receptionist will schedule a follow-up consultation and handle billing.


How to Pill Your Cat

Below is a video about how to pill your cat. We usually follow up a pill with water so the pill does not get stuck or our favorite is putting the pill in a small treat to begin with so the experience is not so bad for the cat or you.

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