Bloodwork Services

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Completing your pet’s bloodwork is an important step in diagnosing their illness. Bloodwork is not only important in sick pets but also in healthy pets and may be required from time to time. At our hospital, we perform all our lab work in-house which means you get results from blood tests much faster.

Why do healthy pets need bloodwork done?

Blood tests tell our veterinarians important health information about your pets even when they are healthy. In healthy pets the results allow us to establish what is normal or baseline health for your furry friend. By knowing the healthy or normal levels of your pet we are able to compare this information in the future. Blood tests may also be required:

  1. To determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is done before every procedure as it allows our veterinarian to decide how much anesthesia/sedation your pet may need. Bloodwork also tells our team if your pet will be able to recover from the procedure.
  2. To identify illnesses that can’t be diagnosed through physical examination. Many illnesses do not manifest on your pet’s physical body, especially in the early stages.
  3. To detect signs of illnesses in senior pets. Catching illnesses before they advance is crucial for senior pets as their immune system is not as strong as it used to be.

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Should my cat or dog fast before having bloodwork done?

Ideally yes, although bloodwork can be performed without any fasting. If the situation permits, we recommend that pets fast for 8 hours before getting bloodwork done. If your pet eats within that time, their blood samples may have fat droplets which can interfere with the results. When this happens we may have to redo the procedure. It is possible for your pets to have last-minute bloodwork done and the results will still be accurate even if your pet has eaten before.

Where is blood drawn from my pet?

We usually take blood from veins on your pet’s leg or neck.

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